Not getting carried away or anything….

…but with the League Cup Final being on a Sunday*, the Aberdeen traffic will be hellish on Monday March 17th, what with the open top bus parade from Bridge of Dee to Pittodrie Stadium….

Morton’s sucker-punch removal of Celtic has injected 5000 volts of interest into what is normally a moribund tournament. All 8 clubs will fancy their chances.

The thing is you CAN catch Celtic – and the pre-crash and burn Rangers – on an off day, but these ‘Giant’ clubs  are ALWAYS the favourites and have cast such a dark shadow over the rest of Scottish Football ( plus all their unsavoury ‘baggage’)  that general interest has declined over the decades. Suddenly for a brief moment we have an even playing field for all the ‘normal’ medium sized clubs. They all fancy their chances here.

Game On!

The Dons seem to be flickering into life, as Derek McInnes tweaks the squad into something more than the rest home for idle chancers that the club has been for more years than I can contemplate without sobbing.

The Power of Positivity!

Even with several ‘main men’ out with a variety of injuries (Willo Flood, Barry Robson, Niall McGinn, Andrew Considine, Russell Anderson) the team that rolled over Falkirk on wednesday night was buzzing with an exhuberance that I haven’t seen since the Jess / Booth / Shearer / Paateneinen up front days.

A special plus point is the obvious quality of the Young Loons coming through. A youth system that provides the team with Robertson, Shaughnessey, Jack, Low and the fantastic 17 year old Cammy Smith is something for all concerned to be proud of.

Right. Now I have typed all that up, we await the wheels to fall off and we hurtle back to mediocre awfulness……

* of course, I am rota’d to be offshore for the final. But let’s attend to the quarters and semis first,eh?

long time, no blog….

I just got out of the habit.

Well, there is more to it than that.  To be honest, I was never exactly sure what my blog was supposed to be in the first place. I bunged up random stuff, as things crossed my path – news events were worthy of a sly, dry, wry comment (but never with any great insights – not my scene really)  Various You Tubes of ‘bangin’ tunes’ LOL viral blogfodder have been thrown up (a phrase that works in more ways than one) The bulk of My Content revolved round the travails of following my Triple Burden of underachieving local football teams as they huffed and puffed at their respective levels and tested the tolerance of their long suffering supporters.


But as Justin Currie crooned on Del Amitri’s Nothing Ever Happens


anyway that is kind of my manifesto for the blog from now on

Post office clerks put up signs saying position closed
And secretaries turn off typewriters and put on their coats
Janitors padlock the gates
For security guards to patrol
And bachelors phone up their friends for a drink
While the married ones turn on a chat show

And they’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

Gentlemen time please, you know we can’t serve anymore
Now the traffic lights change to stop, when there’s nothing to go
And by five o’clock everything’s dead
And every third car is a cab
And ignorant people sleep in their beds
Like the doped white mice in the college lab

Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
The needle returns to the start of the song
And we all sing along like before

And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

Telephone exchanges click while there’s nobody there
The Martians could land in the carpark and no one would care
Close-circuit cameras in department stores shoot the same video every day
And the stars of these films neither die nor get killed
Just survive constant action replay

Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
The needle returns to the start of the song
And we all sing along like before

And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

Bill hoardings advertise products that nobody needs
While angry from Manchester writes to complain about
All the repeats on T.V.
And computer terminals report some gains
On the values of copper and tin
While American businessmen snap up Van Goghs
For the price of a hospital wing

Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
The needle returns to the start of the song
And we all sing along like before
Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
They’ll burn down the synagogues at six o’clock
And we’ll all go along like before

And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow.


basically Life just chunders on for the bulk of people and I ain’t any different. (I’m not sure about that ‘burning the synagogues at six o’clock’ line is all about though – a wee bit jarring)



photo opportunity



Sorry Dear, I couldn’t help myself.

(The bruising is going down now. I’ll be limping for a while yet…)

It was 30 years ago today……


the famous DUFC wooden bow-tie

Classic Football phone in. Dundee United fan sends Danny Baker into hysterics

Fingers crossed and all that…..

… but it looks as if Aberdeen Football Club may be vastly improved this season…

Unusually optimistic and positive match report

a swallow


I didn’t go down to Perth due to other committments, but I will be toddling down to Cappielow on wednesday night and getting my ticket for Sunday’s game at Pittodrie against Scotlands third force. (AFC currently being the ‘second force’)

Come on you reds (with white discs)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

all you need is a monkey and a parrot to complete the absurdity

thank goodness Aberdeen FC only switched to having white shorts in their new season kit instead of their usual all-red with white trim.

The full story here

Best.Book Review.Ever.

Even if you regard the whole ‘literary phenomena’ (basically, books for people who don’t read) from a detached stand-point, it can’t be denied that the 50 Shades of Grey books have made a huge impact world-wide.

Of course I personally have not read a page of the ouevre – harrumph – Down With This Sort Of Thing etc (do I detect mumblings of ‘aye,right!’ at the back there?) and the only impact it has had on my life is finding beer service rather slow the day the barmaid was reading it during her shift. It definately had an effect on her.

That’s all by-the-by this review is definately worth a read. Give it a moment for all the animated gifs to load.

’50 Sheds of Grey’ on twitter is also amusing.

Poetic fitba at Peterheeeeed……?

No doubt we shall hear a few ‘verses’ of an unsavoury nature when ‘The Rangers FC’ come calling in two week’s time.

The mutated version of Rangers seem to have attracted various names from non-Bluenoses. (Sevco FC, Club 12, Govan Zombies, The Club Formerly Known As Rangers etc etc) My personal preference is to do the ‘finger quote’ thing and do a heavy Dr Evil style

been off the blog with an extended bout of Life’s General Scunner.

….and once you get out out of the habit etc etc…..

spot the ball…..


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