Poetic fitba at Peterheeeeed……?

No doubt we shall hear a few ‘verses’ of an unsavoury nature when ‘The Rangers FC’ come calling in two week’s time.

The mutated version of Rangers seem to have attracted various names from non-Bluenoses. (Sevco FC, Club 12, Govan Zombies, The Club Formerly Known As Rangers etc etc) My personal preference is to do the ‘finger quote’ thing and do a heavy Dr Evil style

been off the blog with an extended bout of Life’s General Scunner.

….and once you get out out of the habit etc etc…..

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One Response to Poetic fitba at Peterheeeeed……?

  1. bigrab says:

    I wondered if you’d gone to the Peterheid v Rangers game?
    They did very well.
    It’s a hard place to go to…………..

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