Best.Book Review.Ever.

Even if you regard the whole ‘literary phenomena’ (basically, books for people who don’t read) from a detached stand-point, it can’t be denied that the 50 Shades of Grey books have made a huge impact world-wide.

Of course I personally have not read a page of the ouevre – harrumph – Down With This Sort Of Thing etc (do I detect mumblings of ‘aye,right!’ at the back there?) and the only impact it has had on my life is finding beer service rather slow the day the barmaid was reading it during her shift. It definately had an effect on her.

That’s all by-the-by this review is definately worth a read. Give it a moment for all the animated gifs to load.

’50 Sheds of Grey’ on twitter is also amusing.

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One Response to Best.Book Review.Ever.

  1. bigrab says:

    May I also recommend Fifty Shades of Glasgow on Facebook?

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